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Calling all Changemakers...

Leadership SBM has been Creating Leaders for 50 Years

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Onward Toward the Next 50 Years!

Fifty years ago, a local lawyer, a businessman, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce came together to fill the need to grow and foster strong leaders to build a strong community. Fifty years later and Leadership SBM has molded over 3000 individuals to become leaders in St. Joseph County.

Today more than ever, our community needs leaders willing to create change when change is needed, to engage in tough conversations in a respectful manner, to know and to support communication and collaboration across racial, geographical, and socioeconomic lines.

Our community is STRONGER because of Leadership SBM, and our FUTURE leaders need your support.

Graduates of Leadership SBM programs truly bring positive change to St. Joseph County.

And here are some of their stories...

Courtney received a scholarship to participate in Leadership Class 46. She is now a driving force behind Downtown South Bend Business Development.

Otho, a local small business owner, earned a scholarship to help cover the cost of the Signature program. He and his business lead a collaboration with South Bend Schools to educate students about the difference healthy food and sustainable agriculture make for all of us.

Sarah, a student at Mishawaka High School used her experience as a Youth Leader to gather students to support one another and to take a stand against violence after a recent shooting in the community.

Any corner you search in this community, you find graduates of Leadership SBM programs. Help continue creating leaders, connecting community, and shaping the future!